John Markoff|《纽约时报》科技记者、《与机器人共舞》作者



我是 John Markoff。目前是《纽约时报》的记者,主要关注计算机科学、人工智能、机器人学与材料科学领域。我最近的一本书描述了人与计算机之间复杂且不断进化的关系,题为《与机器人共舞》。现在在旧金山的《纽约时报》分社工作。


John Markoff 的工作环境

我有几台 Mac,桌面的笔记本的都有;再加上几个 iPad 与 iPhone


在不同的场合下我会使用不同的文字处理软件。最喜欢的是一个相对简单的程序 Nisus,从多年前开始我就在 Mac 上用它写作,它至今仍是最好的写作软件之一。当要写比较长的作品时我会用 Scrivener ,这个软件在作家之间很流行。编写新闻时,我用的是《纽约时报》内部的编辑系统。(编辑注:点击这里看 Scrivener 创始人的利器)

我也在用苹果内置的生产力软件,比如联系人、提醒事项、日历与邮件。我很依赖 Gmail,同时也在用许多通讯软件,如 TwitterFacebookSkypeFaceTime、信息、微信等等。我会广泛地使用数据库,一般都是通过 web 访问它们的。


到前段时间为止我都在自己私人的工作室工作,但最近我们搬到了更大的《纽约时报》旧金山分社工作,这儿能容纳 20 人以上。所以现在我要么在旧金山金融区一座写字楼 12 层的某个格子间里工作,要么在家里的办公室中。家里更安静些,还有台台式机。


我的灵感基本上来自一个长期的好奇——我想要理解计算机与相关科技是如何改变社会的。我从小就开始读像是 I.F. Stone 与 Robert Scheer 那样的美国调查记者的报道,他们也一直是我的灵感来源。


作为记者,我最有用的工具是一个在 iPhone、iPad 和 Mac 上都会用到的软件,叫 Notability。它是个简单的笔记应用,兼有实时录音功能。它可以在我重听采访录音时,直接快进至我记笔记的地方。


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is John Markoff. I am a reporter at the New York Times, where I now cover computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics and material science. My most recent book is a sweeping history of the complicated and evolving relationship between humans and computers called Machines of Loving Grace. My office is based in San Francisco where I work from the paper’s bureau.

What hardware do you use?


I use a handful of Macintosh computers, both desktop and portable and several iPad’s plus and iPhone.

And what software?

I use different word processing programs depending on the situation. My favorite is a relatively simple program called Nisus, which was written for the Macintosh many years ago and still is one of the best. I also use a popular program among authors which is called Scrivener for longer projects. And the Times has an editing system which I use for my assignments for the newspaper.

I also use most of Apple’s productivity software, such as their Contacts system, Reminders, Calendar and mail. I use Gmail extensively and use a variety of communications and messaging programs from Twitter, Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, Messages, WeChat and several more. I use databases extensively mostly via the web.

What is your ideal work environment?

Until recently I had my own private office at work, but we have moved to a larger bureau to host the more than 20 Times employees in San Francisco. So I now work either in a small cubicle on the 12th floor of an office building in the financial district of San Francisco, or in my home office which is quiet and where I have a desktop computer.

Where does your work inspiration come from?

My basic inspiration comes from a long held fascination with trying to understand the way computers and related technology are changing society. As a young man I grew up reading American investigative reporters such as I.F. Stone and Robert Scheer. They also serve as a continuing inspiration.

Recommend a useful tool for daily life.

As a reporter my most useful tool is a program that I used on both iPhone, iPad and Macintosh called Notability. It is a simple note taking program which simultaneously creates an audio file. It makes it possible for me to listen to the audio from an interview and easily jump to any point that I took a note.






阅读推荐:《与机器人共舞》。人工智能的历史,我们追求的是 IA (智能增强)还是 AI(人工智能)?