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我是 Scrivener 的设计师和主开发者,开发 Windows 和 Mac 平台上的软件(之后也会写 iOS 上的应用)。


开发时用的电脑是 Mac Pro,是比较老的那一款(我一直想换成那个圆柱形的新款)。外接 Apple Cinema DisplayMacally 键盘微软人体工学鼠标。(Macally 键盘跟老式的 iBook 键盘很像,那也是我至今最喜欢的键盘。)我也有一台 12 寸的 MacBook,还有各种型号的 iPad 用来测试(测试以外我基本不用 iPad,虽然我的孩子很喜欢它们。)

我主要用 MacBook 来写作,我很喜欢它的小巧和便携。话虽如此,要不是它有 Retina 屏幕,我想我还是会继续用 11 寸的 MacBook Air;因为 new MacBook 只有一个接口,这快把我搞疯了(每当我出门,想给手机充电时,我总会发现我忘带了适配器!)。

iPhone 6 也总是在我的口袋里,我也经常用 Kindle Paperwhite 读书(虽然我更喜欢纸书)。


我用 Xcode 来编写 Scrivener 的程序(我主要开发 Mac 版本)。我也会用 Scrivener 这个软件来记录我的开发笔记——包括下一版本更新发布前要做的所有事和整个项目的笔记。软件分发上,我用 FileStorm 来生成可下载的磁盘映像,Yummy FTP 来管理 FTP,Firefox 来管理我们的 Amazon S3 服务器(我们用它来存储下载用的内容)。我也会用很多软件来测试,包括 WordPagesNisus WriteriBooksAdobe Digital EditionsKindle 等等。Scrivener 能导出的格式有很多,我需要一一测试。Photoshop 也是我的日常工具,我用它来仿制 UI 元素。但我最常用的软件就是 XcodeScrivener。当我不工作的时候,我也常用 Scrivener 来写东西。




一开始我开发 Scrivener,是因为自己写作时候的需要,它现在仍是我开发的主要动力。用户总会给我许多新鲜的观点,通过和它们的互动,我对于 Scrivener 的构想也一直在完善。但总的来说,我开发是基与「这么做会帮助我的写作」这个想法。当我用 Scrivener 写作时,有时会想到一些实用的功能;我会记下这些点,把它们加入 to-do list 中。所以我主要的灵感来源很简单,就是制造自己想用的工具。

另外,阅读、随手涂鸦、和团队里的其他成员交流、洗澡、做饭、游戏——都能让我想到 Scrivener,生成新的想法。


当然是 Scrivener 了!(如果你是个写作者。)好吧,如果我不能给自己的产品打广告的话,捕蜘蛛器怎么样?在我家,这东西相当有用,因为家里的蜘蛛体型硕大而且移动迅速。用捕蜘蛛器吸住它们,然后把他们啪嗒抖到花园里;一个星期后,当它们又出现在家里时再重复一遍以上动作就好了。




Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m the designer and lead developer of Scrivener, writing software for Mac and Windows (and one day for iOS too).

What hardware do you use?

I use a Mac Pro as my main development machine – quite an old one now (I’ve been meaning to update to one of the new cylindrical ones). It’s connected to an Apple Cinema Display, a Macally keyboard and a Microsoft ergonomic mouse. (Macally keyboards are like the ones used in the old iBooks, which is still my favourite keyboard.) I also have a MacBook 12” and various iPads for testing purposes (I never really use an iPad other than for testing, although my kids love them.)

My MacBook is also my main writing machine – I love how small and portable it is, although if it weren’t for the Retina screen I think I would stick to the old MacBook Air 11”, because the single port on the new MacBook drives me crazy (I’m always going somewhere, trying to charge my phone, and then realising I forgot to take the adapter!).

My iPhone 6 is always in my pocket, and I regularly read on my Kindle Paperwhite (although I still prefer paper books).

And what software?

To program Scrivener, I use Xcode (I work on the Mac version). I use Scrivener itself to keep track of all my development notes – all of the things I have to do for the next update, and all of my notes on the project as a whole. For distribution, I use FileStorm to create the downloadable disk image, Yummy FTP for FTP management and Firefox for managing our Amazon S3 Server (used for storing our downloads). I use a wide range of software for testing, though – WordPagesNisus WriteriBooksAdobe Digital EditionsKindle and so on. Scrivener can export to many different formats and I have to test them all. I also use Photoshop on a daily basis, for mocking up UI elements. But my most-used software packages are Xcode and Scrivener. When I’m not working, I’m generally in Scrivener, trying to write something.

What is your ideal work environment?

I have pretty much my ideal work environment right now! I have an office above the kitchen of our house – we live in Cornwall in the UK. My office is quite large, with room for three desks (even though it’s usually only me using them), and it has a view over an organic farm. Other than the chickens, it’s quiet – I work best when things are quiet. I’m surrounded by my books and hardware in various states of decay, and piles of notes. I suppose in an ideal world it would be tidier.

Where does your work inspiration come from?

I developed Scrivener based on what I wanted in software for my own writing, and that is still my main driver. My vision for Scrivener is always being refined through discussion with users, who provide a fresh perspective, but in the main, everything I do is based on what I think will be helpful for me in my own writing. When I’m writing and using Scrivener, I come across things that would be useful and note them down, and they go on the “to do” list. So my main inspiration is simply building the tools that I want to use.

Also, reading, doodling, talking to other members of the team, taking a shower, making a meal, playing a game – all these things can turn my mind towards Scrivener and new ideas.

Recommend a useful tool for daily life.

Scrivener, obviously! (If you’re a writer.) Okay, if I’m not allowed to shill my own products, what about a spider catcher? That comes in very handy in our house, where the spiders are large and fast. Just suck them up, plop them into the garden, and repeat a week later when they make it back into the house again.

Who is your favourite author?

My favourite authors are probably Haruki Murakami and Kurt Vonnegut, although my favourite books are perhaps Brothers Karamazov and Madame Bovary. Shamefully, I haven’t read much Nabokov – not even Lolita – despite his love of index cards.

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