Ken Wong|《纪念碑谷》设计师

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介绍一下你自己和所做的工作。 🔗

我是 Ken Wong, ustwo games 的主设计师。 《纪念碑谷》 Monument Valley)是我们的作品之一,我们的虚拟现实游戏 《遗忘边际》 Land’s End)最近也发布了。

你都在使用哪些硬件? 🔗

苹果的 MacBook Pro

软件呢? 🔗

基本上我所有的游戏设计和绘画工作都通过 Unity  和  Photoshop 完成。在家和工作时我都会用 MacBook。听音乐我现在只用 Spotify ,我不是很在乎我是否「拥有」音乐。我喜欢 Spotify 的全平台同步功能。

我有个 iPhone 6s 。我用 Pocket Casts 听播客, Feedly 订阅 RSS, Twitterrific 刷推。照片处理用 VSCO Cam ,文件同步用 Dropbox 。我也有个 iPad Air 2 ,主要用来看 Netflix 和打游戏(比如 《炉石传说》 )。

总体来说,我喜欢苹果的生态环境。虽然会有一些限制,但它们不会影响我的工作流。我也不怎么用苹果的一些高级功能比如 iCloud,我喜欢简单。

你最理想的工作环境是什么? 🔗



你平时获得工作灵感的方式有哪些? 🔗


推荐一件生活中的利器给大家。 🔗

一个 搅拌机 。我每天早上会用它来做水果奶昔。很好用。它特别适合做一人份的水果奶昔,而且挺便宜的。


加入 利器社群 ,你也可以分享自己的利器。

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Who are you, and what do you do? 🔗

My name is Ken Wong. I’m a lead designer at ustwo games . We made an award-winning mobile game called Monument Valley and we have a VR game coming out soon called Land’s End .

What hardware do you use? 🔗

Apple MacBook Pro .

And what software? 🔗

As I mentioned, almost all my games and illustration work is done in either Unity or Photoshop . I use MacBooks both at home and at work. For music listening, I only use Spotify now, I don’t care about ‘owning’ music. I love that Spotify syncs on all my devices.

I have an iPhone 6s . I use Pocket Casts for podcasts, Feedly for RSS news, and Twitterrific for Twitter. I use VSCO Cam for photoediting, and Dropbox for file syncing. I have an iPad Air 2 , which I mostly use for Netflix , and games like Hearthstone .

Overall, I quite like being based around the Apple ecosystem. There are limitations, but they generally don’t affect my workflow. I also don’t make much use of some of Apple’s more advanced features like iCloud, I like to keep things simple.

What is your ideal work environment? 🔗

Standing desk. Quiet.

(Now I’am using a custom made standing desk. Nothing fancy.)

Where does your work inspiration come from? 🔗

A good designer finds inspiration in anything and everything.

Recommend a useful tool for daily life. 🔗

A blender . I’ve been having a smoothie every day for breakfast. It’s been good. It’s great for making smoothies for one person, and it’s pretty cheap.